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Relocating To The Cayman Islands

January 07, 2019
Relocating to the Cayman Islands

That's it! Enough said! You are ready to pack your suits and start enjoying your new life in the Cayman Islands…one of the best decisions of your life!

But where do you start? It's a new country, with new customs, currency, and totally surrounded by water!!! Should you bring your car? How can you bring your car? What about furry friends, can they come along? What documents do you need before you travel?

Don't panic, we are here to help, we have decades of experience in these fabulous islands. We've grown up here, raised kids, work and play. Diamond Properties is geared to answer any questions you may have. We also highly recommend a fabulous publication called "The Resident". To quickly access their online version, click here now.

All of us at Diamond Properties are geared to answer any questions you have. Contact us to find out everything you've wanted to know about the paradise found here!

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